Aerial Hoop Fitness

Aerial Hoop Fitness is a workout with acrobatic rings. The first, intense side of the hour, consists of a simple aerobic combination that uses different jumps, steps, and turns. This is followed by a short part of muscle training, where muscle strength is developed through various strength exercises. In the second half of the training, various acrobatic tricks are practiced with rings. An hour of good physical exercise! Very well suited for beginners as well as advanced.

Why You Should Try An Aerial Hoop Training:

Very fun workout and feminine!
With rings you can dance, make effective strength exercises, (deep) stretch and just - have fun flying!
Aerial Hoop's workout combines strength and aerobic exercise, balance and coordination exercises.
The training begins with simple exercises that progressively go to the heavier. You only do the exercises you are capable of!
The workout is perfect for ALL women, regardless of their physical form and age.
Safety is of course also an important part of training!

NB: SHOULD RECEIVE LEATHER SHOES. COMES IN HANDY. There must be a comfortable training leg.

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