Children’s group

Children's group

We are pleased to inform you that City Dance Studio opens a set of new groups from September for children (from 6-16 years old) on aerial acrobatics.
Pole Dance for children is a completely new kind of sports and classical choreography, stretching with acrobatic elements.
This sport involves and strengthens all muscle groups of the growing body. A regular workout brings up a strong and purposeful character in a child, develops flexibility and plasticity, coordination of movements and a sense of rhythm, improves the overall tone of the child’s body, develop strength and strengthen the immune system.
Classes are given by the master of sports in sports acrobatics - Valentina Lumet. In the future, there is an opportunity to TAKE PART in various dance FESTIVALS of the city and COMPETITIONS of the international level!

Classes will be held Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday, Fri at 15:00 - 18:00 and on Saturdays at 11:00 - 13:00

For children participating in contests and festivals, extra time for training is added - rehearsals!
8x monthly subscription - 65 euro.
10x subscription for 2 months - 80 euro
Unlimited Monthly Subscription - 100 Euro


Subscription for 3 months with an unlimited number of visits - 250 euros.
Details can be found on the phone -
+372 5190 9295

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