Join our new project “Sports Dating”. We are waiting for new participants. It will be a fun, exciting and useful project, where you can meet and make new friends, and maybe something more. Write us those who wants to participate in the project!
Sport Dating in City Dance Studio! Hello! Where do you usually meet new people?)
Clubs, cinema, restaurants? We offer a new solution! Joint dating trainings!
And also badminton, volleyball, pool, paintball and other team games we provide. Joint trainings and work together, in pairs.
Look for your soul mate in the right place – in City Dance Studio!
Send information about yourself and your wish to take part in this amazing project! The coach will unite couples.
The project will start as soon as the group is completed!
There are our coaches in the pictures! Join us and find your friend!
Pole Dance for begginers.
Under Chopin and Beethoven- we will improve our posture and also make our bodies more womanly and soft, using a mirror and the bench
If you didn’t even dream about becoming a ballerina, then in any case , my cardio-training is very popular
Only don’t confuse the classical Ballet with Body Ballet, at this point I can also add the dumb bells, the barbells
The movements in this graceful training – are exclusively safe for joints and are useful to muscles as they are adapted for admirers of fitness
The hottest, most fat burning, liberating Cardio-training
In this training – easy dancing steps, any unprepared beauty improve all movements
Dresscode optional
There are some accessories which will create the special atmosphere and mood during the training. It’s a shirt on a belt (or any convenient blouse)
A shirt (or a blouse)
ties around the waist in a negligent knot and is turned into an improvised belt, which accents the waist and brings forward the spirit of FREEDOM

The first part of training begins with an intensive unique training of deepWORK which consists of five elements: earth, wood , fire, metal and water. It is a combination of consecutive movements created to combine tension and relaxation, alternating with breathing exercises.
The second part of the training process, we easily take the weight and the training concentrating on leg and buttocks muscles begins. The fat is burned, the body is tightened, the buttocks rises
The field of suspension training is a form of resistance training that includes bodyweight exercises in which a variety of multi-planar, compound exercise movements can be performed. These are done with the aim of developing strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously. Suspension training develops physical strength while using functional movements and dynamic positions.
????We give for rent out halls for sports, celebrations.
????In the center of the city with free parking for customers.
???? We give for rent a mirror / dance hall for training 90 m2.
????Address: Uus-Tatari 25 / Veereni 13.
???? There are showers, a cloakroom, 2 hairdryers, a sauna, 2 toilets, sports equipment (dumbbells, bars, yoga mats, steps, Fit.Bolls, as well as pylons and hoops for aerial acrobatics)
???? There is a prof. technology for music.
????Also there is a second room with 8 pylons (all pylons are spinning)
???? Hall area – 60 m2. with large mirrors.
???? There are also professional equipment for music and sports equipment (dumbbells, mats, etc.)
Contact us: info@citydance.ee
???? +372 6014577
This is the best offer! Only in Tallinn we have the lowest price for trainings! Buy a three-month subscription City Dance Studio cost just 160 euros and engage sports activities every day from Monday to Saturday 1 hour a day or 6 hours a day under the guidance of the best coaches in Estonia, masters of sports. We train children and adults, all from 6 to 66 years old. Air acrobatics, choreography, Pole sport, stretching, TRX, Zum Go-Go Dance, Body Ballet, Deep work, Mind&Body, Body shaping, LadyFit.
Come and see us!
Enjoy active lifestyle!
We are waiting for you in City Dance Studio! Always happy to see you!
For trainings, please, register here: bronn.ee
Ladies and gentlemen!
ESTONIAN FEDERATION ACADEMY AIR POWER ATHLETICS OÜ holds the Estonian Air Power Athletics Championship in April 2019. This will be a significant event for athletes from different countries and their parents, and for the whole Estonia. We would like to cooperate with you and invite you to become sponsors of this wonderful championship – a holiday of sport, strength and beauty. You can provide the championship your products as prizes to participants. For our part, we pledge to advertise your company on our information resources and on the championship.
Feel the freedom of movement!

Dance-fitness studio for women of all ages, body complexions and possibilities.
We have 2 training rooms. One of them is equipped with #professional dance poles (8 comfortable, spinning poles), also there is modern equipment for Aerial Hoop Fitness training (7 circus hoops).
Spacious changing room, comfortable showers and relaxing sauna.
We are located in city centre in UUS TATARI 25/VEERENNI 13, TALLINN. Info: 6014577.
E-mail: info@citydance.ee.

We offer a wide variety of different types of trainings. In our schedule you can find various group trainings for dance (), strength () and #Body&Mind (). We definitely recommend you to try Pole Dance & Fitness and Aerial Hoop Fitness classes.

To achieve best results, we recommend you to use our PERSONAL TRAINING service. Our professional team of instructors is always happy to help you. Here you can find description and prices for personal trainings, and also book the time on bronn.ee and there you find.

Estonian Federation #Academy Air Power Athletics (City Dance Studio)
Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. We won’t bind you with a long-term contract. We always offer discounts and make good offers for groups and companies.

Also we offer different types of entertainment service:
– #Bachelorette parties (#Girls Out #Night) in your unique style 🙂
– Funny #Bachelor party in style “#Boy Gone #Wild. Adieu, my friends!“
– Great Pole Dance Show from the Best #Estonian #Pole #acrobats / #dancers:
It’s a show that you won’t forget! Facinating, glamorous and bright acrobatic performances of the best dancers. We have a great variation of beautiful costumes. We’ve danced on the best stages of #Estonia. Installation of our acrobatic equipment doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.
You can make a #booking by email: info@citydance.ee

Uus-Tatari 25 / Veerenni 13, Tallinn
Phone: +372 6014577
Email: info@citydance.ee
NB: We have free parking for the barrier to be understood to Friday from 17.00-21.00 and on weekends
Only for #CityDanceStudio #clients! Only we have 20% #discount on all types of massage until the end of the #summer!
See the usual prices:
#Classicmassage 30/60/90 minutes – 12/20/25 euros
#Honey #massage 60-70 minutes – 25 euros
Massage of the legs (thigh, drumstick, foot) 30 minutes – 15 euros.
#Chocolate. 60 minutes – 25 euros
#Seaweed. 60 minutes – 25 euros
Silk. 60 minutes – 25 euros.
#Reiki massage. 60 minutes – 25 euros
Hiro-massage (Spanish) – 30/60/90 minutes – 15/25/30 euros
Foot massage. 15 minutes – 10 euros.
#SPA body pilling (pilling + cream) 30 minutes – 20 euros.
SPA full body wrapping 28 euros
SPA #wrapping problem zones 20 euros.
SPA procedures 1,5-2 hours (#peeling, #wrapping, #massage): burning #exotics (pineapple warming #anti-cellulite) – 35 euros. The energy of the vine (grape, #moisturizing, #rejuvenating) is 40 euros. Chocolate fairy tale (anti-cellulite, modeling, softening) – 45 euros. Embrace of the sea (anti-cellulite, #lymphaticdrainage, rejuvenating) – 45 euros.
NB. When you buy 5 sessions, a 10% discount applies, and when you buy 10 sessions – a tenth procedure is for free.
Your #masseur in #Tallinn Irina Nesterova. 55623441. Work #experience 8 years.

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